Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Pearl Spa- A Gem in Baltimore City!

Melissa and I are always thinking of ways that we can work with local Baltimore businesses to promote our jewelry and to market their services to our clients. We were blessed to meet with Fran, the manager of The Pearl Spa at the Ritz Carlton, as we continue to grow our relationship with this unique and amazing spa in the heart of Baltimore City.

First of all, their services are one of kind and we HIGHLY recommend trying the Blue Grotto service if you are looking to unwind. From first impression, to staff, to service, The Pearl Spa strives to be the very best in salon treatment and they definitely succeed. It only helps that the location is within the Ritz Carlton, thus from the moment you pull in, you feel like a Hollywood star. A day of pampering never felt so good, believe me, I can speak first hand..I leave their feeling like a million bucks!

The Pearl Spa recently hosted a "It's a Charmed Life" Fashion Show on August 16, 2009. We created the invitations for the event and gave away FREE earrings in each gift bag. The event sold out and it was a great success. The goal was to celebrate healthy living, fine dining and exquisite fashion. Food and beverages (delicious martinis'!!) were provided by Sullivan's Steakhouse. Boutiques such as Whimsy-Reason, Babe and The Bottom Drawer, took part in the fashion show which was a great way to showcase fashion that is versitale and effortless.

We were also able to have a display of our jewelry for the guests to view and we provided jewelry for the fashion show as well. We were lucky enough to network with many businesses and have since already been in touch to create both jewelry and invitations for clients and upcoming Baltimore events. We have The Pearl Spa to thank for these opportunities.

Finally, we are looking forward to working with The Pearl Spa to create a permanent display of our jewelry for clients to purchase. We have been working up some design ideas to create "pearl" jewelry, specifically for The Pearl clientele. We are also very excited to host a Holiday Show sometime in November at The Pearl, as well as hosting another Bridal Happy Hour this coming Spring. We will of course post dates and details once those are established.

If I have learned anything in the past few months it has been that you need to make time for yourself. We all live very busy lives, what with work, babies, house cleaning, bills...but that is no excuse not to take care of yourself. Even if it means getting a facial once every few months, a massage 4 times a year and I definitely recommend a pedicure (who doesn't love their foot massaged!) I promise you that you will leave The Pearl with energy and as they say" with a new appreciation for the small things that we can each do for ourselves to live a truly charmed life."

Friday, August 14, 2009

Great Georgetown Bridal Salon

Melissa and I made a trip to visit the DC area bridal salon, Hitched, located in historic Georgetown in Washington DC at the corner of Wisconsin and Volta (1 block north of P Street). The owners, Julia and Carin are not only amazing business women, but they are also new moms, and thus we have the utmost respect for their dedication to their professional and personal life.

We had met with Hitched over 2 years ago, when Melissa was just 4 months pregnant with Julian (she bought her first outfit for him at BabyGap). They have been carrying a few of our bridal pieces since that time and we have received several referrals from the salon. We met with Julia and Carin yesterday to update our designs and provide them with our most popular bridesmaid jewelry designs.
One such necklace, which just so happens to be based on our best sold necklace, was designed specifically for a Hitched bride. She got married this past May 2009 and we customized this necklace to match her bridesmaid dresses. She was a pleasure to work with, such a fun necklace to design. We just recently posted this necklace on our etsy site, It can be made with varying colors and length, the possibilities are endless. You can honestly wear it with anything, which is what makes it our best seller.

Thank you to Hitched Salon for continuing to support our business and for referring brides that have helped us continue to create unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Create Your Wedding

Many of our clients come to us with no idea what type of wedding they would like: elegant, whimsical, casual, cultural, religious, most of all, unique . Your wedding is a representation of you! From start to finish, each element should make a statement about the couple, their love for one another and their vision for a lifetime of happiness together.

We work with each client to custom create Save the Dates, Invitations, Bridal Jewelry, and Day of Stationery that is truly a symbol of the couples love for one another. While many of our clients as for our opinion and many put their trust in us to create the elements based on our expertise, it is always our goal to get to know the couple, asking them what they vision: colors, style, budget and overall effect. It is based on this initial meeting that we are able to better design a wedding that will really speak to the couples hopes and dreams.

It really is a joy to get to know our couples and see the love that goes into planning a wedding. Each invitation, each bridesmaid gift, each table number is unique and a joy to design. It is an awesome feeling to see the look on a brides face when she receives her completed invitations, tries on her bridal necklace for the first time or picks up her placecards and table numbers. We feel humbled to know that we played a small role in creating the wedding of her dreams.

Our goal as part of our blog is to post completed wedding invitations for the bride to share with family and friends, sample bridal jewelry to share as well as post wedding pictures- to see the vision come to life! We hope that you will continue to follow our blog and you too will be inspired by the love that a wedding brings to all those involved.

"Life is not a matter of milestones, but of moments" It is our goal to continue to create designs that help make the most special moments in life, memorable.


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